Is spplitt free to use?

Yes – spplitt is completely free to use. You can browse ads and post ads at no cost.

Is spplitt safe?

We provide guidelines in the Safety Tips section on how to ensure you are safe during a connection. Please use common sense when meeting another user on the platform.

Do you hold a user's money?

No – spplitt is a platform that brings people together to find cost sharing opportunities. Terms of the actual deal are worked out between users and any monetary transactions are done off the platform.

How old do you have to be to use spplitt?

18 years old or have permission from a parent or legal guardian to use the platform.

I want to share the cost of something in a location I am traveling to. How do I go about posting an ad?

You can post an ad in your current location and state in the ad details where you are traveling to. You can also post an ad in the location you are traveling to.

Can I only share the cost of something that fits into one of the main categories?

No – if you can think of something to split the cost of that doesn't fit into one of our main categories, post it in the Miscellaneous category.

Is the information I provide to spplitt secure?

Yes – we protect our user's information. It is secured in our database and only used to facilitate connections on the platform.

Are there any rules or regulations when using spplitt?

Please adhere to all laws of the country you are living in and please do not infringe on the terms and conditions of the product or service you are looking to split the cost of.

What if I see an inappropriate ad?

You can flag ads that you deem to be infringing on our terms and conditions.

Do you have in-app messaging?

Not at present. When users connect on the platform, they contact each other directly through phone, text or email. We felt this method of communication to be the most efficient.

I have a suggestion or complaint?

Please do not hesitate to contact us. We are constantly striving to improve your experience on spplitt.

How do I delete my account?

Please contact us if you want to delete your account.